Cutting through Twitter's noise can be tricky, so check out these five tools to help you build a more meaningful following.

With more than 100 million users, there's certainly a lot of noise of Twitter. But how do you sort out which followers can bring you value from those that are simply irrelevant, or worse still spammers.

Last month, Twitter announced a new feature that suggests to you users to follow. With this announcement, Twitter joins a growing number of Twitter directory sites that work similarly - enter a keyword or location, and the site will generate a list of new accounts to follow. Here's how Twitter's 'Who to Follow' feature works, and a look at four other sites that will help you build a more meaningful Twitter following.

1. Twitter's 'Who to Follow'

Log on to your Twitter account and click 'Find People' from the main toolbar. This will give you three options to find new accounts to follow. With 'Find on Twitter' you can search for people, organisations or companies that you know have a Twitter account.

The 'Browse Interests' tab will give you a list of categories to choose from - for example, business, entertainment, family, health, music, politics and sports. Click on any of these categories to generate a list of people related to the category. You can follow them directly from this page. The 'Find Friends' tab asks you to enter your email address and password to find email contacts who are on Twitter. This tab will also generate a list and let you follow the users from this page.

2. WeFollow

WeFollow's directory gives you several methods to search for new followers. Its homepage lists the users with the most number of followers for each category, which include celebrities, music, social media, entrepreneurs, news, bloggers, tech, TV, actors and comedy. Clicking on any of these top users will bring you to a stats page, with the user's number of followers, how many they're following, the number of updates and the tags they're listed under.

WeFollow also lets you enter tags into the search bar to further narrow down your search for users to follow. Additionally, WeFollow lets you add yourself to its directory, which helps others find you, if your interests align properly. To do this, click 'Add yourself to WeFollow', and enter the interests that best describe you.

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