Nearly half (46 percent) of complaints about broadband services remain unresolved, says Broadbandchoices.

Research by the broadband-comparison website revealed that a quarter of Brits admit they can't be bothered to complain if they face issues with their broadband connection.

Of those that didn't complain, 39 percent said it was because they thought raising the problem would be too mush hassle while 34 percent simply didn't think their broadband provider would resolve the issue.

"The number of respondents that told us that their complaint was not resolved successfully improved since our survey last year when over half (54 percent) of complaints were going unresolved, but broadband providers still have work to do if they are to win back customer confidence," said Michael Phillips, product director, at

The findings come as Ofcom unveiled legislation for dealing with broadband complaints. From January next year, the watchdog requires communications providers to include information on how disputes are resolved with paper bills. They will also have to write to consumers whose complaints have not been resolved within eight weeks to inform them of their right to take their complaint to a dispute resolution service.

"Broadband customers are clearly disillusioned with their provider's ability to improve their service if they make a complaint. Raising a complaint is never easy, but the stress and hassle will be significantly reduced thanks to the new Ofcom rules," added Phillips.

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