Reading this story may be hazardous to your productivity. The websites within may divert you from the dull tasks in need of your attention and may cause you to goof off for hours instead.

So now just put up your privacy screen, kick back, and start clicking. However, if you get caught, it won't do you any good to tell your boss that we're the ones who suggested it. And let me say for the record that I didn't waste any time on the organisation of this list.

1. Stripgenerator

Drag your mind out of the gutter - Stripgenerator is about comic creation, not clothing removal - though we wouldn't claim that the two paths have never crossed. The site lets you build your very own customised comic strip in a matter of minutes.

Choose from an array of characters and objects, and then bring your strip to life, one square at a time. If you're feeling particularly adventurous, sign up to start your own 'strip blog' and have your content featured on the site's home page.

2. FMyLife

FMyLife (the site isn't entirely clear about what the 'F' stands for, but 'Flee' wouldn't be inappropriate) encourages people to send in anonymous real-life stories of worst-case scenarios that came horrifyingly true - things you'll just have to read to believe. The stories aren't always clean, so visit at your own discretion.

3. LivePlasma

A must-try for any music or film fanatic, LivePlasma helps you find new movies and music by building interactive maps around your current favourites. It's like six degrees of separation, customised to your cultural interests.

4. Cracked

The onetime competitor to Mad Magazine has reinvented itself as a website for all things funny. Cracked has an array of amusing lists, stories, and videos that'll keep you laughing for days.


Add some pizzazz to your profile pic with The site's web-based application lets you easily morph any photo into a cartoony character or Warhol-like painting.

6. Funny Typos

Grammar geeks will delight in Funny Typos, a site devoted to ridiculing the language-challenged among us.

7. Safety Graphic Fun

Do park visitors generally need to be told 'Please do not sit on crocodile?' Silly as this sounds, it's an actual warning posted on public safety signs. Safety Graphic Fun works to compile the most ridiculous placards and outlandish announcements, some of which are astonishingly absurd. My favorite: ‘Touching wires causes instant death. $200 fine'.

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