Mobile operator 3 is claiming to offer the lowest-priced data roaming charges of all UK operators.

The network has slashed its prices to reduce the cost of surfing the web from a phone or mobile broadband dongle in any EU country to just £1.25 per MB. Calling the UK or other EU countries from Europe has fallen to 34p per minute and sending an SMS from anywhere in the EU now costs 11p per message.

3 says this is not a short-term promotional offer and will be available to both PAYG and contract customers.

"We don't expect our customers to drastically change the way they use their phone or dongle just because they're abroad. If they want to update their Facebook status or send an email, likewise if they're just making a call, they shouldn't be stung by over the top, complex pricing," said John Eccleston, head of communication and mobile products at 3.

"They're [the standard European rates] the same no matter which EU country you're in at any time of the year, and most importantly of all, for our customers accessing the internet while they're away, they're the best all-round value on the market."