The power of the online click has been estimated at more than £3 million.

According to fundraising website Everyclick, there’s a huge payback for charities. CEO Polly Gower says that if one in 20 UK internet users performed web searches by using as a search engine portal, £3 million could have been raised come Christmas.

As it is, most of us default to using Google, Yahoo or MSN for our web searches, even though the beneficiaries of this are solely advertisers and the search engine companies themselves.

Everyclick – and other online click-based sites – are supported by advertisers and corporate sponsors. Half of Everyclick’s gross revenue is donated to charity.

The charities that benefit and the proportion of their dividend is dependent on the individuals signed up as Everyclickers. At signup, you can choose any of the 170 charities listed on the Everyclick website or nominate a registered charity that you would like to benefit. The chosen charity can be changed at any time.

For those that simply want to raise money for charity but don’t have a favourite organisation, it’s possible to skip the dedication page and have Everyclick apportion proceeds on a pro rata basis. As well as raising money for well-known charities such as Save the Children or the Teenage Cancer Trust, schools, churches and other appeals can benefit.

Everyclick uses’s search engine to turn up web results. To actively earn money, users need to sign in to The most efficient way of fundraising in this way is to set the website as your home page.

So far, the site has raised more than £350,000 by the power of web clicks alone. Co-founder Polly Gower was named Entrepreneur of the Year at the Women in Ethical Business Awards, while has won accolades as one of the hottest new startup companies.