Nearly a quarter (23 percent) of web users share their digital snaps on a social network, says Kodak.

However, research of 1,000 Brits by the printer manufacturer revealed 75 percent have never thought to print a photo from Facebook and other social networks. Furthermore, 69 percent have never printed a photo from a mobile phone.

Kodak said 85 percent of PC owners keep their digital photos stored away on a PC and never show them to friends and family, or print them out and display them round the home.

Nearly two thirds (63 percent) say it's too much hassle to print them out or they don't have enough time, while 46 percent believe it's costly to print copies of their digital photos at home

However, 53 percent claim they feel guilty because they don't display their digital snaps. Of those Brits that do print photos at home, 42 percent said it was to ensure the snaps could be shared with friends and family. Just 21 percent said they'd made the hard in case the original digital file gets corrupt or lost. More than half (54 percent) of those who print photos at home agree it is generally cheaper and quicker than having them professionally produced.

Nearly two thirds (62 percent) said they print photos of family, while 19 percent make hard copies of their holiday snaps. Surprisingly, seven percent said they print snaps of their pets, compared to just two percent that make hard copies of their wedding photos.

"Many people don't understand that quality photo prints have the ability to outlast electronic storage methods," said Bob Ohlweiler from Kodak.

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