Google's Street View has certainly caused a lot of controversy since its launch in 2007, in particular when it comes to privacy. It's not only web users' houses that can be seen on the Google Maps add-on. A number of disastrous real-life moments have also been captured on camera, and subsequently posted on the web for everyone to see.

We found 16 recent events that surely someone (or something) wishes had an undo button. Click the link to Google Maps to pan around the live images - unless Google has beaten you to it and has revised history with a clean version of the picture.


That had to have hurt. This schoolgirl in Santa Catarina, Nuevo León, Mexico wipes out in front of her friends and in front of a Google Street View camera.

View it for yourself in Google Maps.

He lived to tell the tale

A driver in Pesaro, Marche, Italy, nurses his wounds after a moped accident.

View it yourself in Google Maps

  1. Just what will Street View capture on camera
  2. Wipeout!
  3. One person's big day
  4. The King is drunk
  5. Wrong lane
  6. A very friendly constabulary
  7. Zut Alors!
  8. I know it's a double-yellow line, but..

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