The internet has transformed the world - connecting cultures, streamlining commerce, revolutionising communication and offering yet another outlet for those desperate for their 15 minutes of fame. Video-sharing sites such as YouTube have become a breeding ground of viral phenomena. But almost as quickly as the subjects of these videos become worldwide stars, they sink without a trace, never to be seen again.

However, we tracked down some of the internet's biggest overnight/one-night sensations to see what they've been up to since their 15 minutes on the Warhol clock expired. Some have settled into lives of quiet anonymity; others are now making grand livings off their net-based notoriety.

Fritz Globe and Stephen Voltz - Coke and Mentos

Two unexpected pairings led to an explosion of success in 2006 - a lawyer and a professional juggler coupled with Diet Coke and Mentos sweets. The dynamic duo of Fritz Globe and Stephen Voltz are credited with first bringing fizzing fun to the masses - and they made a cool $30,000 (£17,250) from their now-infamous experiment, which involved dropping the minty sweets into cola, and then manipulating the resulting sprays.

The experimentation hasn't stopped for these two Maine men. The pair's latest clinical trial involves a quarter-million sticky notes - and a whole lot of office chaos.

"We're constantly experimenting with things you can find down at the corner store to see what surprises are there to be found," Globe says. "It's been an amazing ride, and we never expected this kind of attention."

Judson Laipply: Evolution of Dance

Choreographing the Evolution of Dance through the ages earned Judson Laipply a place in the internet superstar hall of fame. The comedian's six-minute routine, showcasing dance moves from Elvis to N*Sync, has amassed tens of millions of hits and has even been discussed in Rolling Stone.

Now, the evolution continues. Laipply, who keeps himself busy by speaking at schools and corporations, is preparing to unveil a second compilation of twists and turns - and a book to go with it. "It has been a long road getting song rights and the like, but everything is finally in place, and I am excited for the launch," he says.

Watch for the revamped routine in early 2009.

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