More than one in ten Brits (14 percent) wait until Christmas Day to buy gifts for friends and family online, says Sky Broadband.

Research by the ISP revealed two in five Brits will buy most of their Christmas presents online, while 32 percent claim they will split their time between the high-street and the web. However, 28 percent admit they still prefer the high-street to online shopping.

Nearly three quarters (72 percent) say it is easier to compare products and prices when shopping online, while 63 percent believe there are better bargains to be found n the web and 62 percent think its quicker.

More than a third of Brits will be tightening their belts this festive season, with 37 percent claiming they'll spend less than last year, 45 percent say their budget is the same.

Furthermore, more than one in five (21 percent) said they'll use the web to purchase second-hand presents, while 19 percent will use the net to research how much someone else has spent on them and nearly a third (30 percent) will sell unwanted gits on auction sits such as eBay.

"We might have expected that people go online to snap up bargains in the Christmas Day sales, but few might have believed that people are prepared to wait so long to buy presents," said Sky's director of broadband and telephony, Delia Bushell.

"It just goes to show that money is going to be tighter than ever this year, and savvy online shoppers are prepared to explore every means possible to get the right gift."

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