Authorities in China have made more than a dozen arrests following the death of a boy being 'treated' for internet addiction in an unlicensed boot camp.

Chinese police have detained the 13 people over the death by beating of a teenager at an internet addiction camp in southern China, according to state media (see also Teen killed at Chinese internet addict camp).

The Qihang Salvation Training Camp, one of many boot camp-style centres for internet obsession in China, was found to be unlicensed and closed down Friday, the official Xinhua news agency said.

Parents of 122 other students took them home from the camp in Guangxi province and police are investigating the case, it said.

A week earlier, a 15-year-old boy was allegedly put in solitary confinement, scolded and beaten to death within one day of his arrival at the camp. The boy's father found his bloodied body in a local hospital, where camp staff said they had sent him because o a severe fever.

Other internet addiction camps in China are licensed and sometimes subsidised by the government. Conservative officials blame hugely popular online games like World of Warcraft for getting teens hooked on the web, harming their grades in school and dividing them from their parents. Some of the camps have used shock treatment on students, but China banned the practice last month.

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Separately, China in recent weeks detained two hackers for stealing 450 million won from South Korean bank accounts, Xinhua said. The suspects, based in a Chinese city that borders North Korea, had stolen the money from 86 South Korean nationals over more than a year, it said. South Korean police had asked China to help crack the cross-border case, the report said.