1&1 Internet has unveiled a new range of web hosting packages that combine web space, email storage, FTP users and a website builder, with prices starting at £2.49 per month.

The 1&1 Beginner package comes with 5GB of web space, 2GB of email storage, five FTP users and a WebsiteBuilder that helps users create an eight page site as well as installing ecommerce tools on it using 1&1's EasyShop function.

Alternatively, 1&1's £3.99 per month Home package offers a 12-page website builder and 10GB of webpsace, along with 1,500 Pop3 email accounts and a photo gallery and CGI library.

The web hosting company is also offering two packages aimed at businesses. The 1&1 Business deal comes with 40GB web space, a 20 page website builder, 3,000 POP3 email addresses and 20 FTP users, all for £6.99 per month.

Also on offer is the £14.99 per month Business Pro package that increases the web space to 100GB and adds 2,000 more email addresses. Finally, at £24.99, 1&1's most expensive package is aimed at web programmers. It comes with 250GB of web space and advanced developer tools.

"For UK enterprises in particular, the role of the all-inclusive web hosting package has never been so vital. With web presence and e-business now critical to success, the choice of hosting technology and provider can impact a firm's bottom line," said Oliver Mauss, CEO of 1&1 Internet

Our developers work hard to ensure that our latest hosting packages deliver the best possible online performance and effective applications for tackling key online business issues."

All packages are compatible with PCs running Windows or Linux and come with an online office application that ensures users can create edit and save word processing, spreadsheet and presentation documents from any machines that has an internet connection.

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