1&1 MyWebsite web apps

Web hosting provided 1&1 has added a free suite of drag-and-drop web applications to its MyWebsite package. If you take out (or already have) a MyWebsite Plus or Premium package, you'll find the new web apps ready to add to your pages.

MyWebsite is a ready-built, sector-specific website where you can choose between hundreds of different business types, from hotels and restaurants to car repair workshops and electricians.

With the 100 or so new web apps, you can add functions to your site which would have previously required special coding skills, or a relationship with service providers.

For example, say you own a restaurant and have a MyWebsite package for it. You can now integrate the OpenTable booking app so your customers can easily book through your own website without the need to build a custom form. No longer do visitors to your website have to be diverted away to external sites. 

By integrating web apps from respected brands such as Amazon, PayPal and eBay, your website can offer convenient and credible online retailing. 

Including apps on your webpages is as simple as dragging and dropping the desired element to the place you want it to appear. 

As you'd expect, there are also social media apps including Google+1, LinkedIn and Pinterest, which build on the Facebook, Twitter and Flickr apps already available.

Localised apps are on offer for both vertical business needs as well as general business management. As well as Open Table and Yelp Reviews Web apps for restaurateurs, hoteliers can incorporate reviews from Trip Advisor and photo streams from Flickr.  

“Research shows that consumer expectations for the websites they use are continuing to increase”, said Oliver Mauss, CEO of 1&1 Internet.  “It is no longer a case of maintaining an online business card, but rather providing a complete, sector-relevant resource to interact and fulfill many more customer needs as conveniently as possible.  Web Apps are a great means for a business to address more of its processes online”.

MyWebsite Plus costs £20 per month, while the Premium package, which includes advance SEO features for a better Google ranking, costs £30 per month. For more details, see 1&1's website