Millions of people use Twitter to broadcast their thoughts in 140-character instalments. But which are worth reading?

Here are 10 tweeters recommended by PC Advisor readers, together with why they're worth following.

1. Jack Schofield

Recommended by: Alexa Ash

Jack Schofield is a massively respected veteran of IT journalism, and offers a knowledgeable perspective on the latest developments in the world of technology. Schofield's tweets tend to include links to longer articles - his own or other noteworthy pieces that he's dug up - but he has a more conversational style when responding to comments by others.

"I tend to rate the tweeters, such as Jack Schofield, who actually engage with their followers," writes Alexa Ash. "I feel like they 'get' the medium."

2. New Scientist

Recommended by: Steve Houghton

Armchair boffins will be familiar with this magazine's trademark offering of fun, novice-friendly science reporting.

Twitter's limit of 140 characters being less than ideal for detailed scientific comment, New Scientist spends many of its tweets linking to long-form content on its main site, but scrolling through the brief summaries on the feed makes for intriguing, brain-engaging reading.

New Scientist Twitter

3. Graham Cluley

Recommended by: Steve

"Sophos technology consultant Graham Cluley tweets invaluable warnings on scams, worms and other dangers facing web-connected PC users and smartphone owners," says Steve.

"But it isn't all doom and gloom - Cluley also periodically posts general security tips to help you avoid the perils highlighted on his feed the rest of the time."

Graham Cluley on Twitter

4. Jason Snell

Recommended by: Michael J Sheekey

As editor of Macworld in the US, one of our sister publications, Jason Snell is privy to all kinds of Apple-related secrets and insider knowledge.

He doesn't limit his Twitter comments to the Cupertino giant's activities, though - HP's TouchPad tablet was coming in for some robust criticism shortly before we went to press. And, like all the best tweeters, Snell is happy to bandy words with his 17,000-odd followers.

Jason Snell on Twitter

5. Purple Hayz

Recommended by: Zebulon

"I quite like the assortment of tech pointers that Purple Hayz tweets," writes Zebulon.

"There's a good mixture of topicality and links to articles explaining how to do stuff - and not the 'make money from e-books and social media' variety you see so much on Twitter."