Looking for a flat to rent or wondering what the latest global health crisis is? Look no further than Google Maps.

Many professional and part-time map addicts have created useful Google Maps mashups that show you (in real time, or at least in near-real time) the latest information for a variety of subjects, including the latest happenings on Twitter, news from the Associated Press, and even the most recently reported UFO sightings. Check out these ten Google Maps mashups to be in the know before anybody else.


Project Name: WikipediaVision

URL: http://www.lkozma.net/wpv/index.html

Embeddable: No

Ever wonder how often Wikipedia gets updated by anonymous editors? WikipediaVision shows you in near-real time the latest edits to Wikipedia by anonymous users. You can find out where the editor is located, which article was updated, and even what the change was. The updates on this map move fast, so click on the 'English' link at the bottom of the map to see a list of the most recent edits in one place.

Flat hunting

Project Name: HousingMaps.com

URL: http://www.housingmaps.com/

Embeddable: No

One of the hassles of looking for a new place to live is that you may find a great-looking place on Craigslist but have no idea where in the city that dream flat is. That's where HousingMaps comes in. Just pick your city and price range from the drop-down menu, decide if you want to look for housing to rent, buy, share, or sublet, and this site will filter the most recent Craigslist entries for you. You can also add filters for entries that allow pets, have pictures, or have any keyword you want, such as laundry, bus, or amenities. Its currently only works for US cities.

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