The Driving Standards Agency has awarded a £1.1 million contract to supply new computer generated images (CGI) for its driving hazards test, which learner drivers have to sit to get their licence.

The contract has been awarded to London-based Three Blind Mice and its in-house production firm Jelly. The company says it will sub-contract around a fifth of the work to another company while doing the rest itself.

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) is an executive agency of the Department for Transport. The DSA is responsible for conducting all statutory theory and practical driving tests in the UK.

The DSA intends to refresh and modernise its Hazard Perception Test by replacing existing video clips with clips generated via CGI.

The agency required a fixed number of hazard perception clips containing at least one developing hazard. These clips will replicate the hazards in the current video clips and will be required by spring 2013.

The DSA also wanted a fixed number of hazard perception clips which feature new content that is not covered in the existing video clips, such as trams, motorways, level crossings and vulnerable road users. These clips are required by spring 2014.

A facility to make amendments to clips that have received DSA approval but may require minor changes for some reason in the future was also required.

The DSA said it received six bids for the work before choosing Three Blind Mice as the provider.