It's ridiculously warm today in New York (20 degrees above average for this time of year), so much so that we're just going to unofficially proclaim today National Fish Stick Day. After all, yesterday was National Empanada Day, so why not a day dedicated to processed seafood? I hope I don't get sick tomorrow from eating all these frozen fish sticks. Apparently the heat's getting to me.

If fish sticks aren't your thing, enjoy some news bits that you might have missed in today's GeekBytes.

Play retro games on the side of a building [International Business Times]

Here at GeekTech, we're fans of huge screens to play video games on. So we wish we were in San Paulo, Brazil right now. In the bustling city, there's a 3000-square-meter (32,292-square-foott) video game screen that you can use to play old retro games like Pac-Man, Tetris, and Paulista Invaders (something like Space Invaders). If you're in the area, we highly suggest checking it out.

The cicadas are coming! [Daily Mail]

Billions of cicadas are expected to swarm up the East Coast as part of a huge breeding cycle that happens every 17 years. The good news is they won't really damage any of the surrounding plant life or affect your daily life while they are on the move between mid-April to late-May. It will just get very loud because all the boys will calling out at the girls. Also, I would suggest against yawning outdoors for a while.

Earth in pictures 2012 [Gizmodo] 

NASA has plenty of satellites and part of one space station looking at Earth at all times. Naturally, all these camera-carrying spacecraft will take great pictures of Earth. In fact, NASA has so many photos that it decided to create a compilation of its very best for the year of 2012. Here's a short sizzle-reel of all the stunning imagery you can find inside.

Look--it's a hover golf-cart [Popular Science]

Hovercrafts make traveling everywhere cooler. So obviously the next thing to get the hovercraft treatment is a Golf Cart--because it really makes sense. A hovercraft golf cart can go on the green, ride over the rough, and even cross those terrible water hazards. The only problem is Oakley and Bubba Watson made this thing for a promo, so we'll probably never see it on a course.

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