There's no doubt that 'green' is one of the buzz words of the moment, and little changes can make a big impact on the environment, local and global. We've picked out eight of the best gadgets that are designed to improve the green credentials of your office. We'll help you save money, and save the environment.

Cutting down on air travel in a bid to cut your carbon footprint or even just recycling and reusing your rubbish rather than sending it straight to the nearest landfill site are examples of small changes that can have a big impact. You may think that your office is an exception, but that's not the case.

There are hundreds of gadgets available that will help you go green at work as well as home too. We've picked out eight of the best currently available. Not only will these gadgets have a big impact on the environment, but they'll also have a positive impact on your bank balance, helping you save a few pounds at the same time.

Eco Button energy saver

Price: £14.99

How it saves: The Eco Button is a tiny blue-and-green gadget that plugs into your PC's USB port. Available from, the Eco Button will automatically switch your computer or laptop into in 'eco mode' if it has been left on but not been used for a while.

When you want to start using your machine again (for example, if you've returned to your desk from a meeting), simply tap the button again to rouse your PC. You can even download software that helps you calculate how much money and how many carbon units you've saved by using the Eco Button.

Western Digital Caviar GreenPower Hard Drive

Price: £199

How it saves: Reduce power use and increase energy efficiency with GreenPower hard drives from Western Digital, which are quieter and cooler than their counterparts. Western Digital says that the drives enjoy up to 38 percent power consumption reduction over rival products, and could reduce CO2 emission by up to 13.8 kilograms per drive per year.

Solio Magnesium Edition Hybrid Charger

Price: £58

How it saves: This solar- and wall-powered portable charger from Solio has a USB input for devices such as Apple iPhones, and comes with a set of Universal iGo tips to connect to various phones. One hour of sun will give you 20 minutes of talk time, and its battery stores a charge for up to a year.

Dell OptiPlex 960 Desktop Energy Efficient

Price: Starting at £539

How it saves: This Dell PC's energy-saving features let you use 43 percent less power than the previous model. Dell uses at least 10 percent post-consumer recycled plastic on the compact structure and up to 89 percent recyclable packaging. The desktop also has optional QuietKit technology to reduce noise by 60 percent.

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