Apple has missed a “big chance” to advance green credentials by “not improving the environmental performance of the new version of the iPhone”, says eco campaign force Greenpeace.

The campaigner’s Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics ranks 18 electronics firms – in the mobile phone, computer, TV and games console markets - by how green their products are, and their practices on toxic chemicals and recycling.

The best performers on energy efficiency are Sony Ericsson and Apple, with all their models meeting, and many exceeding, energy efficiency requirements.

However, Apple’s forthcoming 3G iPhone scuppered the company’s bid to dramatically alter its ranking from historically one of the worst to one of the best green performers. The touchscreen smartphone - now with added business, enterprise functionality - is due for release on July 11.

Nintendo is now officially the world’s least green electronic company, placing bottom in the ranking – proving that Wii ain’t WEEE.

Companies are scored on disclosure of their greenhouse gas emissions, commitment for absolute cuts in their own emissions and support for the mandatory global emissions reductions that are needed to tackle climate change. The overall percentage of renewable energy in a companies total energy use is also assessed.

Nintendo says it scored low because it had not provided data for the survey. It was therefore 'ungraded' in the resulting report.

But Greenpeace countered that it had been forced to use information from Nintendo's website.

Sony and Sony Ericsson were the only companies to score more than five out of 10.

Nintendo came bottom of the list with a score of less than one – guess what number that is….

Despite aggressively slowing its business by releasing Windows Vista Microsoft came second last – because of its "low score on climate criteria".