Samsung is coming under pressure to dump Android on its smartphones and tablets – from the South Korean government.

The Galaxy S II and Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet maker, as well as fellow Korean electronics giant LG, was told by a deputy commerce minister said that "In the long term, we cannot go on like this by solely relying on Google."

The Android operating system that works on smartphones and tablets is developed and licensed by US firm Google.

The Motley Fool website notes that “for Samsung in particular, the possibility of losing Android is quite worrying. According to researcher Strategy Analytics, it recently surpassed Nokia and is currently fighting Apple's iPhone for leadership in smartphone handset market share.”

The investor site points out that the Android OS leads Apple's iOS by a large margin – 53 percent to 28 percent.

“Without Android, Samsung would become Sam-Sunk,” it quips.

Recently Android and Samsung in particular have come under attack by iPhone and iPad maker Apple, which is using its arsenal of technology patents, legal muscle and deep cash reserves in an attempt to crush the operating system that rivals its own iOS.

The South Korean government is urging Samsung and LG to join a coalition of Korean companies in developing their own mobile operating system.

Apple is suing Samsung over a range of alleged patent violations, as well as claiming in court that the Galaxy mobile devices are slavish copies of its iPhone/iPad hardware.

Last week Apple was granted a preliminary injunction in the Netherlands banning Samsung from selling its Galaxy  S, Galaxy S II and Ace smartphones in Europe.

A German court upheld a preliminary injunction requested by Apple, preventing Samsung Electronics from selling its Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet in Germany.

A Dutch judge, however, cleared Samsung of “slavishly copying” the Apple iPad in the design of its popular Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet. And Apple has been accused of manipulating evidence to make the Samsung Galaxy devices appear more like their iPhone and iPad rivals.

Apple vs Samsung moves to US courts next year.

The South Korean government is also wary of the recent purchase of Motorola by Android maker Google.