Google games console

Google is reportedly developing its own Android-powered games console to rival an upcoming Apple launch.

According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, Google is looking to branch out from smartphones and tablets with not only a previously rumoured smart watch, but a video games console too. The WSJ cites 'people familiar with the matter'.

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The unnamed sources are claimed to have said that Google's approach is to combat similar devices which Apple might launch in the coming months. Google is apparently reacting to expectations that Apple will launch a games console as part of its next Apple TV release.

The device, which could use the Nexus branding, will also rival the recently unveiled Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One. It would also go up against the Nintendo Wii U which has been on the market since last year. See also: PS4 vs Xbox One console comparison review.

The WSJ reports that games for Android are growing quicker than those developed for the big name consoles. There are already Android-based consoles kicking around such as the $99 Ouya.

We're speculating but the Google console would presumably be cheaper than the aforementioned gadgets and have access to the Play Store for downloading content other than games.

The Google console might be announced in the autumn along with the next version of Android, either 4.3 Jelly Bean or 5.0 Key Lime Pie. The latter will apparently give manufacturing partners more freedom to use Android in devices such as appliances and wearable tech.

The news reignites rumours that Google will make its own smart watch and on top of that, will launch a new version of its Nexus Q media streamer.

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