Following yesterday's news that both Yakuza 5 and a sequel to PSP title Yakuza Black Panther were on the way, series creator Toshihiro Nagoshi has been speaking a little more about his new studio and the work they will be undertaking, Andriasang reports.

Yakuza 5 has been officially confirmed to be in development, but Nagoshi wouldn't confirm whether or not we'd see it at the Tokyo Game Show this year. There also isn't a release window or platform set for the new game yet, though a design document is apparently in place.

Following a press conference yesterday, Nagoshi explained that the "drama" side of the series would not see major changes, but that technology and play style should adapt in order to make the game friendly to both current fans and newcomers. Nagoshi wouldn't be drawn on what these gameplay changes would be, but said they wouldn't be as drastic as removing the action or drama components altogether.

Yakuza 4 already saw something of a shift from previous titles by allowing the player to control three more protagonists on top of series mainstay Kazuma Kiryu. Perhaps Yakuza 5 will see a shift away from Kazuma's story altogether, as with Black Panther?

No further details are available as yet -- it looks like we'll have to wait for the Tokyo Game Show in a couple of weeks to see if there's anything new to discover.

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