U.S. based RPG fans have been giving Nintendo of America the stink-eye ever since the company said it had "no plans" to bring Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story and Pandora's Tower to the States. Perhaps the former's performance in the UK charts will cause them to reconsider, however, because the game has performed astonishingly well in its first week -- particularly when you consider it's a niche game on a console that is also considered somewhat niche -- at least in the case of strong core titles.

The title performed best in the Wii-specific charts, beating out regulars such as Just Dance 2 and Mario Kart Wii to take the number 2 spot, just behind Zumba Fitness. It's unsurprising that Xenoblade didn't beat 505 Games' exercise title, however, since Zumba has so far spent an astonishing 10 consecutive weeks at the top of the UK charts with no signs of abating as yet.

But it's not just in the format-specific charts that Xenoblade Chronicles has done well, either; in the individual formats chart it took the number 3 position, just behind Zelda 3DS at 2 and, again, Zumba Fitness at 1. And even in the all formats chart, which compiles sales of multiformat titles on all platforms into a single figure, it was still in the top 10, comfortably sitting in 7th place.

If this doesn't convince Nintendo of America to bring the damn game to U.S. shores, nothing will.

This article originally appeared on GamePro.com as Pay Attention, Nintendo of America: Xenoblade Chronicles Storms the UK Charts