Been jealous of those Wii owners with their lightweight plastic steering wheels that they can pick up and use anywhere? Worry no longer, for Microsoft is bringing the Wireless Speed Wheel to those of you who want a more realistic racing experience but don't want to drop over a hundred dollars on the fancy-pants Racing Wheel.

The Wireless Speed Wheel will launch in early October and looks set to carry a price of about $60. It features all the standard Xbox controller buttons, including the analog triggers and D-pad, and also features rumble. The triggers are used for acceleration and braking in lieu of the pedals found on the Speed Wheel's bigger brother.

Microsoft claims that the new wheel will be compatible with all racing games right out of the box, but notes that there may be some "limited functionality" in some games -- presumably older titles. Apparently you can find out more at this link, though this was a dead link at the time of writing.

Watch out for the Wireless Speed Wheel this October.

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