The recent Indie Games Summer Uprising presented a selection of ten games designed to show Xbox players just how good some of the titles on the Xbox Indie Games Marketplace could be. There's a common perception that XBIG is nothing but fart and massage apps and, to be sure, there's a lot of those -- but there's also a wide variety of high quality titles, too, many of which cost no more than a dollar or two.

Indie developers' biggest criticism of the Xbox Indie Games Marketplace is that indie content rarely, if ever, gets featured on the Dashboard, meaning that relatively few gamers are aware of the variety of independently developed content available for low prices. A step in the right direction was taken today as Microsoft agreed to feature the ten Indie Games Summer Uprising titles on the Dashboard front page and on the Game Marketplace front page. Switch on your Xbox now and you should see it.

The organizers of the Indie Games Summer Uprising campaign are intending on providing a postmortem discussion on their efforts shortly in an attempt to determine what went well and what went wrong with the promotion of these titles. In the meantime, you can find out more about the ten very varied games which were finalists in the campaign here, and download them through the promotional links on your Xbox Dashboard.

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