Those keen to see what the upcoming Fall Update for the Xbox 360 Dashboard has to offer should check out the video here. Despite being in French, it's possible to clearly make out some new features.

First up is a redesigned menu. While the current Dashboard features a separate Kinect hub, it's not currently possible to do everything with Kinect that you can with a controller. The new update will change all that -- on the video it's clearly possible to see a Kinect preview and voice control icon in the lower-right corner. This means that Kinect voice and gestural control will now be global rather than limited to the Kinect-specific area.

Bing search will also be implemented in conjunction with Kinect voice control, allowing users to easily search for content without having to trawl through hundreds of irrelevant titles -- a problem which has only grown as time has passed and more products have hit the Marketplace.

New tabs across the top include a dedicated "Social" tab, which includes quick connections to social apps like Facebook and Twitter as well as your Xbox Avatar and profile. Interestingly, the "Games" tab isn't the first one across the top -- it's the fifth, further highlighting Microsoft's attempts to turn the 360 into an all-round entertainment device rather than simply a games machine. A standalone "Applications" tab has also been added for various non game related things to do.

A clear YouTube logo can also be seen on one of the preview screens, confirming YouTube integration with the Dashboard. Since the Xbox doesn't have a dedicated web browser, the YouTube experience will be a more controlled one, similar to that offered on iOS and Apple TV. Still, the opportunity to watch videos of Maru via the Dashboard is not to be dismissed lightly.

Microsoft hasn't commented on the leaked video as yet.