The annual Spring Update for the Xbox 360 Dashboard is apparently coming before the end of the month, and it adds a handful of useful features.

A Microsoft tech support employee sent the below image to Joystiq yesterday as advance notice of the upcoming Spring Update to the Xbox 360 Dashboard.

According to the documents sent to Joystiq, the new update doesn't offer much in the way of new features, but it does allow users to choose PayPal as their preferred payment method of choice for "points, content and subscriptions purchased on the Xbox 360 console". As a matter of fact, logging in to the Microsoft Billing site already allows you to choose PayPal as a method of payment, though the new update will presumably allow this to be set up on the console. This is particularly relevant at this time, given the concerns over online security that have stemmed from the recent PSN debacle.

The update will also introduce support for the higher-capacity Xbox Game Disc Format (XGD3) media which promises to be "used in future game titles releasing later in 2011." The new media format promises "additional storage space on a game disc, and provides additional layers of copy protection."

Xbox Spring Update

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Users can apparently expect the update to start rolling out from May 19 onwards, with distribution happening in six separate waves to "ensure a high quality deployment." Alongside the update, the Avatar Kinect app will also be available on May 27 as a separate download.

Microsoft have declined to comment on the validity of the documents sent to Joystiq, noting that it has "nothing to announce."

This article originally appeared on as Xbox Spring Update on May 19