Microsoft plans to sell its Xbox 360 game console in more Asian countries starting early next year, the company announced today.

Microsoft launched the Xbox 360 in the US on 22 November, followed by the European launch of the console on 2 December. The console will be launched in Japan on 10 December. Today's announcement marks the first time that Microsoft has expanded on its plans to make the console available to gamers in other markets.

South Korean gamers will be able to get their hands on the Xbox 360 on 24 February, Microsoft said. That release will be followed by launches in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore on 2 March, it said.

When Xbox 360 is launched in these Asian markets, gamers will be able to choose from 15 available titles, including Dead or Alive 4 from Japan's Tecmo and Perfect Dark Zero and Project Gotham Racing 3 from Microsoft.

The list of planned titles also includes games released by Asian game developers, such as Huxley by South Korea’s Webzen and Mahjong Online by Taiwan's TWP.

Microsoft did not say how much the Xbox 360 will cost in South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

The Xbox 360 is available in two versions in the European and US markets. The version without the Xbox Live functionality will cost $300 (about £173), €300 (£203) or £210, depending on where you are, and the higher-end package costs $400 (£231), €400 (£270) or £280.

However, the Xbox 360 will launch in Japan later this week in one version only, and will cost ¥37,900 (£182).