Worms developer Team 17 has announced a new game in the Worms series, following news that Worms 3D would be returning to HD consoles and PC. Worms Crazy Golf promises a mixture of 2D Worms gameplay and golf. This might sound like a strange combination until you consider that both golf and Worms are turn based games focusing on conquering physics to ensure things that you shoot/throw/hit end up where you want them too. It's just that one typically involves more explosions than the other.

Don't expect an overly serious take on golf, however -- Worms Crazy Golf promises to live up to its name with the inclusion of classic Worms items such as the sheep, old woman, mole, magnets and mines. Environmental hazards on the course include castles that teleport the ball, cannons and numerous other obstructions. The player also has access to numerous special abilities to affect the ball's flight, such as the ability for it to sprout a parachute or slow down time.

"We've had a great deal of fun playing the game in multiplayer during development," said John Dennis, head of design at Team 17. "And with four player social multiplayer support, it has all the hallmarks of the Worms brand: the trash-talking, pressure to make the shot, terribly unhelpful 'advice' from opponents, and often hilarious consequences when that risky shot that could have won the game goes terribly wrong. If players get half as much enjoyment out of it as we've already had, then we'll be very, very happy."

Worms Crazy Golf will release later this year on PSN, iOS and PC. An XBLA release is curiously absent from the release schedule.

This article originally appeared on GamePro.com as Worms Taking Their Fight to the Links with Worms Crazy Golf