Blizzard has announced the release of World of Warcraft Client Patch 2.1.0, a 256MB update that features an incredible laundry list of game tweaks, upgrades and bug fixes. But gamers are likely to be most interested in a new quest in which players must conquer an evil being known as Illidan, who resides in a place called The Black Temple.

Apart from this new plot arc, this patch also introduces the new land of Skettis, but this area will be available only to those in possession of a flying mount. Meanwhile, those in the market for a new flying mount need look no further than the Nether Drake, "a special 280% speed epic flying mount" that can be obtained by continuing the Netherwing faction and quest line in either solo or small-group play.

Also included in the new patch are a new batch of quests that will take place in Ethereum Prison and Ogri'la, as well as the opening of a new arena nestled in the Ruins of Lordaeron.

Blizzard has a complete rundown of the eye-poppingly long patch details, which can be found in the usual place.