World of Tanks was proof positive that a successful, high quality free to play MMO doesn't have to involve people wearing +5 Robes of Antiquated Effulgence and hitting badgers with shovels. No, World of Tanks eschewed all that brightly-colored fantasy nonsense and replaced it with, well, tanks. GamePro's own Julian Rignall described it as "absolutely brilliant" in his review, and the game has proven successful enough to warrant a retail release.

But what next? Well, take the battle to the skies, of course! Tank warfare is all very well and good but it's a relatively niche interest that some people will pass by, however many big explosions there are.'s upcoming World of Warplanes, however, looks set to satisfy those who would rather inflict death from above than ground-level.

World of Warplanes will interact with World of Tanks by allowing players to share premium currency and experience between the two free to play games. Players won't participate in the same battles, though -- that would require a complete rebalancing of World of Tanks, for one thing. Instead, World of Warplanes allows players to work their way through the ranks of airborne combat, starting with World War I biplanes and advancing towards jet fighter prototypes of the 1950s.

World of Warplanes doesn't yet have a release date, but keep an eye on for the latest on the game.

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