A survey suggests that more US women own games consoles than US men. And it's all down to the Nintendo Wii.

The Online Media Daily survey suggests that 44 percent of women admitted to owning a gaming console - such as the PlayStation 2 or PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 or Sony PSP - compared to only 39 percent of chaps.

So what gives? Surely all gamers are pasty white single blokes who live with their mothers, pay £7 a week 'rent' and drive modded cars? Enter the Wii.

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Despite being sneered at by hardcore gamers for its relative lack of hardware oomph, the Wii is the socially acceptable face of gaming. Ordinary people can play together, it's social and - on occasion - healthy. Add in the PlayStation dance mat, karaoke and guitar games, and games consoles suddenly seem like social glue. Which is terrible news for stinky teenage boys who wear Linkin Park hoodies.

But they're alright. The well-adjusted women who use games consoles for, you know, fun, are unlikely to rant and rave on web forums, queue up for days to purchase Halo 3 or buy gamers' magazines - all grist to the games developers' mill. So marketeers will continue to chase the gaming geek's (slightly soiled) pound.