You might have missed it in all the excitement of the cabinet reshuffle, but there was an even bigger news story last week – and PC Advisor refuses to let it go unblogged.

That's right: we've received some more frivolous agenda-driven 'research'. And we've only just got around to reading it.

Anyway, here's the gist of the press release. When asked who they considered to be the sexiest radio DJ currently on air, 10,000 female players of the online games site plumped for the pensionable Terry Wogan, instantly ruining any jokes about him getting 'nul points'. Take that, ageists!

Second place in the entirely plausible survey was 'picked up' by Chris Moyles. Take that, sizeists! Steve Wright came third.

The last person left in the universe who considered this to be a representative and scientific study of feminine Britain's views will have their hopes dashed by the news that a) 'many' women voted for Chris Tarrant even though he hasn't been on air since 2004; b) Radio Two's Tim Smith received 30 votes from the same person; and c) Jono Coleman made the top ten.

Here's the press release in full:


Milton Keynes, 4 May 06: He may be able to collect a pension but Radio Two's breakfast DJ, Terry Wogan is still a smash hit with the ladies. In a recent survey of 10,000 women, when asked to name the sexiest DJ on air, Sir Terry came first, with Radio One's larger than life Chris Moyles in second.

As part of the UK launch of its Bingo game, asked its female playing community to nominate the DJ that they thought was the sexiest. With four out of the top five being breakfast DJs it proved that the voice we wake up with in the morning, subconsciously turns us on.

The BBC DJs ruled the roost with Capital Radio's Johnny Vaughan and Richard Bacon being the only ones to make it in the top eight from a rival corporation. Radio One had four in the top eight with Radio Two taking the other two slots (although these were in the top three).

The top ten panned out as:
1. Terry Wogan - BBC Radio Two
2. Chris Moyles - BBC Radio One
3. Steve Wright - BBC Radio Two
4. Johnny Vaughan - Capital Radio
5. Vernon Kay - BBC Radio One
6. Scott Mills - BBC Radio One
7. Colin Murray - BBC Radio One
8. Richard Bacon - Capital Radio
9. Nicky Campbell- BBC Radio Five
10. Jono Coleman - BBC Radio London 94.9

Strangely though many women voted Chris Tarrant as the sexiest although he hasn't been on air since Johnny Vaughan took over from him in 2004.

Local radio DJs didn't go a miss either, while they didn't make it into the top 30, Reading 107fm's Andy Jones, Viking 96.9fm's Mark Somers and London LBC's Iain Lee are all worth mentioning as they got a vote or two from loyal listeners.

One notable is that Radio Two's Tim Smith received 30 votes from the same person. He must have one really loving fan!

Cyberslotz's female players are mainly aged between 25-45, married and work full-time.