Indie developer icon Jonathan Blow recently revealed to Edge why the PC and iOS are his preferred platforms for his new puzzle game, The Witness: the current generation of consoles is too old.

"We like 360 and PS3, but their specifications are over five years old now, and that's a lot in computer years. The kind of tricks we'd have to perform to get this game working on those platforms are such a lot of work that to port it over at this point is just not worth it for us," Blow explained in Edge's interview.

Blow concedes that he wishes the next generation of consoles had already arrived, explaining that the current generation doesn't have the memory specs he needs. "[H]aving more memory would make a huge difference to being able to bring a game like this to a console."

Blow, who developed the award-winning platformer Braid, is hoping to release his latest title in the next year or so. Interestingly, he sees the iOS and PC platforms as sufficient vessels for breaking even on his two million dollar budget. He admits there's a chance he could be misguided in his faith in the iOS and PC communities, as the hardware landscape may change. "Maybe this time next year I'll be singing a different tune because I found out I was wrong, but I don't think so."

Surprisingly, the mobile market is one area that Blow sees the greatest potential for growth and most likely place to evolve in the next year. When the game is released, "[We] might be on an iPad 4. We do have to compress the game for that platform, but we don't have to do the certification stuff we would have to on consoles, so we can live with doing just one of those giant tasks. And I like this as an iPad game. It's a natural thing. But we'll see how that plays out."

Many gamers will be curious to see how The Witness does on the iPad, as Blow's support of the iOS platform is both surprising and intriguing. If the new game does well, may we finally see Braid on the iOS? Pretty please? I mean, it's not like the GamePro staff favorite platformer has appeared on virtually every platform except the iOS.

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