Cut the rope is one of those games that made it huge on mobile phones before making the jump to the desktop. This addictive puzzle game will keep you entertained and infuriated in equal measure for hours. The game is free to download though you’ll have to pay to unlock some of the levels.

If you’ve never played Cut the Rope the gameplay is simple. You have to deliver candy to Om nom, a sort of green alien frog. To feed Om non you cut a rope and try to knock candy into his mouth. Keep Om nom fed and he is happy and you progress, miss and he’s sad and you have to try again. Once you’ve collected enough candy you can move on to the more difficult levels.

It sounds simple, but as the levels become more and more difficult you’ll find that feeding your little green friend is ever trickier. The graphics are excellent for a simple game like this and even the sounds add to the overall cuteness of the game.

Cut the rope is incredibly addictive and if you have a touch screen laptop it’s even more interactive and fun to play. Some levels will have you scratching your head, but once you’ve worked out how to feed Om nom you’ll be happily cutting ropes and collecting candy for hours. Even if you don’t have touch-enabled PC you can still get hours of enjoyment from this addictive puzzle game.

As ever it’s the simple things that help to keep us occupied and Cut the Rope is one of those seemingly simple yet massively addictive games that you can happily spend hours in.

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