It would appear that Nintendo's Wii is winning the battle of the gaming market, and then some, with analysts predicting that a third of all Japanese and US homes will own one by 2011.

This has to be a triumph for old-fashioned gamers. Stupendous graphics and heart-stopping sound, which the Xbox and PS3 provide in abundance, are all well and good. But it does seem that good old game play has recently been left by the roadside.

When I look back on my childhood my hours spent playing Airwolf on a Commodore 64 were immensely enjoyable. I challenge anyone to show me a better football game than Sensible Soccer - and when I say better, I mean fun.

That's what's been missing these past years, as developers have pushed the boundaries on realism and the user's interactive experience, games have become über real. With whole worlds to command and explore, and every minute detail beautifully rendered, they've literally become works of art.

But fun they ain't, I don't care what colour hair the striker on my football team has and I'm certainly not bothered about a 10-minute back story for the hero character - for your information I am the hero and I just want to shoot things.

So I praise Nintendo on its path to world domination, if only for the fact that the Wii and its little wireless controller are putting the game back into gaming.