Those looking forward to the Patrick Stewart-narrated "cinematic platformer" The War of the Worlds can now get a sneak peek at the game by checking out the all-new official website.

The game, set to launch this October on Xbox Live Arcade and PSN, reimagines the H.G. Wells literary classic as a side-scrolling platformer in the vein of Flashback, Prince of Persia or Another/Out of this World. It introduces a parallel storyline to the plot of the 1953 movie adaptation as well as new characters, locations and sub-plots to explore. And, as previously mentioned, it features the mellifluous tones of Patrick Stewart on narration duty, which as anyone who's played Castlevania: Lords of Shadow will attest, makes any game approximately 48.2% more awesome.

Check out the official website here and watch out for the game on Xbox and PS3 this October.