Platinum Arts' Sandbox Free 3D Game Maker has been available for a while now, but the developers at have just completed a free proof-of-concept game to show off the package's capabilities. Rose Child of the Storm is a first-person action RPG showing off the engine's ability to feature interactive NPCs, save games, triggers, experience systems and more. You can download it here.

Sandbox Free 3D Game Maker's major selling point is its supposed ease of use -- in the words of the developers, "the mission of Sandbox is to make it as easy as possible for kids and adults to make their own games and worlds. The idea is that if we make it easy enough for kids to use, hopefully it will be easy enough for adults as well."

The kid-friendly angle is an important one to Platinum Arts -- the free and open source nature of the software means that it's been adopted by many budget-conscious schools around the world, and the "in-game" style of editing is easier to grasp than the complexities of tech like Unreal Engine 3, Source or CryEngine.

If you're interested in making your own 3D games, then why not give the software a try? It's freely available for PC, Mac and Linux right here. Just remember your old friends at GamePro when you're a famous designer.

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