Nintendo said its new game console called Wii U will be available for the 2012 holiday season in the US, Europe and Japan. The company said that final detials for the device will be announced at E3 this June, where a year ago they first introduced the console. It  has a handheld controller with a touchscreen. Gamers will use the controller's screen to interact with what's being shown on the TV, in essence see beyond the boundaries of a typical display.


Nintendo President Satoru Iwata spoke about the new details a day after his company released poor results for the nine month period through December. It cut its annual sales targets for the 3DS handheld console launched last year, as well as the original Wii, and said it now forecasts a much deeper loss for the fiscal year than earlier predicted. When Nintendo launched the first Wii console, it really kicked off the motion gaming market, but now years later it's struggling to keep customers interest. Whether or not Wii U will do it remains to be seen, but we'll know by the end of this year. With reporting by Jay Alabaster in Tokyo I'm Nick Barber, IDG News Service.