According to an interview in Famitsu (translated by Andriasang), game producer Ryota Niitsuma claims Capcom was originally intending to release more DLC for the original Marvel vs Capcom 3, but that March's earthquake, tsunami and associated disasters in Japan caused the company to have to rethink its plans. The new content we'll be getting in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, set to retail around the $40 mark, is considerably more than was originally planned as DLC.

Niitsuma also explained how the twelve new characters in the game were selected: the Marvel additions were chosen by Marvel itself, while the Capcom challengers were selected from fan and staff favorites. You would have thought that might get Mega Man included in the lineup, but the Blue Bomber is something of a sore point for Capcom and its fans at the moment.

Niitsuma also revealed that Capcom would be following up Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom's release with further DLC, including arranged costumes for each new character and new modes of play.

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