Despite many bargain retail sales, motion control-focused bundles, and general acclaim from video game reviewers, Child of Eden just hasn't gotten over with the gaming market.

For whatever the reason, it seems like Ubisoft has exhausted all of their efforts to push the game and is taking a "wait and see" approach to see how it continues to sell. Joystiq talked with Ubisoft Sales Senior VP Tony Key, asking if the game could sell via digital download, perhaps in Xbox Live. Since the game is available via a download code in a Microsoft Kinect bundle, the idea isn't too far fetched.

However Key says that Ubisoft normally doesn't plan their releases around that sales model, and Child of Eden probably won't be an exception if the Kinect bundle catches on:

Could we see a downloadable version of Child of Eden offered via Xbox Live to all consumers? "Potentially," Tony said. "We don't use that model right now for any of our games -- we sell new retail games. It's not something we have in the plan at the moment, but if that model is coming, I don't see why Child of Eden couldn't fit in there."

As for more Child of Eden games, don't hold your breath. While Tony says Ubisoft is "still holding out hope this game will find its audience," the potential for other games right now is hopeful at best. "We think the renewed interest generated from this new bundle could be a tipping point for Child of Eden to become a bigger brand for us. We would love to have that happen."

[Source: Joystiq]