This was a very pleasant surprise. Old-school 2D platforming combines with high definition 3D-compatible graphics and an excellent orchestral soundtrack to produce a game which Ubisoft freely admits draws influence from titles such as Shadow Complex?.

The platformer levels, which make up the bulk of the game, are largely based around determining the best means with which to get by certain enemies -- and there's usually several ways to do this, too. Very often this involves using objects and elements of the environment to knock out the bad guys -- a beach ball object, for example, can be thrown and bounced from enemy to enemy to take them all out in quick succession. Certain scenes involve amusingly Scooby Doo-ish chase sequences through various doors, too, usually ending up with Tintin bursting out of a barrel and whacking his pursuer over the head with the lid.

There's also an extensive cooperative mode which takes place separately from the main storyline. Set inside Captain Haddock's dreams, these pit players as several of the iconic characters from the Tintin comics against some increasingly surreal traditional platforming challenges. Each character has their own special abilities -- Tintin, for example, has a grappling hook, Captain Haddock is very strong and Thompson & Thompson have a cane with which they can deflect projectiles to defeat enemies and destroy walls. Unlike Rayman, cooperation is necessary throughout, requiring players to think and work together while also competing to be the one who grabs the most treasure throughout the level.

Tintin is unabashed old-school fun with a next gen sheen. Those who enjoy 2D platformers will find a lot to like here, even if you're unfamiliar with the comics.