The original Two Worlds was, to put it politely, Not Very Good. That didn't deter TopWare from developing a sequel, however, which by all accounts was significantly better, though still flawed in a number of areas. The game has enjoyed some success since its release despite its flaws, though, and TopWare is celebrating that fact with a velvet-wrapped special edition of the game this October.

The PC and Mac versions will come in a book-style box wrapped in black velvet, while the console editions get red. The box is highlighted with corners made to look like antique brass and a metallic relief Two Worlds II logo atop it, presumably so you can pretend it's a valuable antiquity instead of an ostentatious repackaging of a fairly average computer game.

It's not just a repackaging, though -- what sort of special edition would it be without goodies? For starters, the game comes bundled with its Pirates of the Flying Fortress expansion as well as being fully patched and up to date. There's also a double-sided world map (one side per world, presumably?) in the box, along with a "valuable" pirate head pin collectible, a virtual version of which will be available in-game. Rounding off the package is a bonus disc containing an extended soundtrack, wallpapers, videos, artwork and two new PvP multiplayer maps.

The Two Worlds II Velvet Game of the Year Edition will be available from October 18 of this year. No word on price yet.

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