Two Worlds II: Castle Defense has little to do with its big brother RPG save being set in the same universe. Instead, it's a strategic title where players are tasked with, as you might expect, defending castles from incoming enemy hordes. Unit placement, money management and strategic planning are all very important.

TopWare has announced that the iPad version of the game will, when played on an iPad 2, feature eye tracking technology that allows the game to change its viewpoint based on where the player is in relation to the system's front-facing camera. This allows the creation of a mock 3D effect -- though rather than images jumping "out" of the screen it instead gives the illusion that the iPad is a window into another room. This gives the image "depth."

As a top-down strategy game, there's not a huge amount of practical use for the technology in Castle Defense save "look at this, it's cool!" But TopWare intends to use the game as a testing-ground for the system prior to more widespread adoption -- and not just on iPad, either.

"By introducing the new eye tracking technology we are ahead of the competition once more and will expand this edge in the future," said Dirk P. Hassinger, CEO of TopWare. "Right now we are adapting the system for more platforms like PC or Mac and will also present some challenging 3D surprises within the next couple of months."

Two Worlds II: Castle Defense is available for iPad now from the App Store. It's also available for iPhone and iPod touch but this version does not feature the eye tracking tech.

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