Been getting tired of the 12 currently available NeoGeo titles on the PlayStation Store for PS3 and PSP? SNK is releasing two more today.

Shock Troopers is a run and gun shooter featuring 8 different mercenary characters. The gameplay also offers two distinct styles: Lonely Wolf mode, in which you control a single soldier, and Team Battle mode in which you command a team of three soldiers. Like other NeoGeo Station titles, Shock Troopers costs $8.99 on PS3 and $6.99 on PSP.

World Heroes is a fighting game featuring 8 time-travelling historic characters who want nothing more than to kick the snot out of each other. The game offers a standard combat mode and the brutal Death Match variant, where stages are full of gruesome traps with which to see your enemy into the afterlife. World Heroes also costs $8.99 on PS3 or $6.99 for the PSP version.

Both games will be available via the PlayStation Store later today.

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