If you live in North America, doubtless you already know that Trenched, from Tim Schafer?'s studio Double Fine, is pretty great. If you're European, however, you have been denied the pleasure of the game's company until now, all because of some unpleasant trademark-related legal wrangling.

Portuguese game designer Rui Alípio Monteiro filed a trademark for the name "Trench" back in 2007, with the trademark covering both board and computer/video games. Monteiro has already released a board game under the title and, until this weekend, the dispute looked set to continue, depriving Europeans of the chance to play the game even longer.

However, on Whiskey Media's Big Live Live Show Live on Friday, Double Fine's Greg Rice and Brad Muir revealed that the game would be changing its name in all regions once it releases in Europe later this month. The reason for this is to ensure that players from all territories will be able to play multiplayer together, as differing game titles prevent online interactions on Xbox Live.

To make up for the delay and the name change, the game is getting a title update which includes a new survival mode, new weapons, new costumes and gestures. DLC is also planned for future release.

"By the way, I need to apologize," wrote Tim Schafer on Twitter this morning. "I have accidentally been saying Trenched for the past few months, when what I MEANT was IRON BRIGADE!"