The full version of TrackMania 2 Canyon was supposed to launch at midnight Central European Time today, but unfortunately for reasons unknown that didn't quite happen, leaving a few confused users on the game's forums who had waited up late specially. However, these issues now appear to have been resolved, and the full version of TrackMania 2 Canyon, including single player, online multiplayer, local hotseat, local splitscreen and LAN play, has now been released via the game's auto-update system.

Some Windows XP users who have been playing the recent multiplayer beta have reported issues with the auto-update system, but Nadeo has already posted a manual fix for this issue and promised that auto-update issues have been resolved for future versions. Any other users having issues can also download the full game client from their ManiaPlanet Player Page -- you'll need the Validation Code emailed to you when you set up your ManiaPlanet account as well as 100 of the game's in-game currency of "Planets" to download the full client.

You can buy and download a copy of TrackMania 2 Canyon direct from Nadeo and Ubisoft. Currently the game is not available on Steam, but the team at Nadeo is looking into the possibility right now -- including the ability for existing customers to be able to redeem their keys on Valve's service.

In the coming months, the ManiaPlanet team will continue to work on the Canyon environment for TrackMania 2 as well as the upcoming Valley setting, sold separately. The developer will also be working on the other two ManiaPlanet titles -- FPS ShootMania and RPG QuestMania. Both of these will feature TrackMania-style customization and level-building, but few details have been released for these as yet, let alone a release date.

See you on the track!

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