Check out the video here -- it's a proof-of-concept demonstration from Toyota and the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design that shows what a car featuring a touchscreen augmented reality interface on its windows might look like.

Currently among the ideas being suggested for inclusion in the system are the ability to use the car window as a drawing canvas, and for drawings to integrate with the outside world by moving along with the exterior real world scenery; the ability to zoom in on distant objects; real-time translations of the words for various scenery elements in both text and speech; and the ability to use the car's panoramic roof as a starmap.

This is surely just the beginning, though. You know what else has a touchscreen? An iPad. And you know one of the main uses of iPads? Games. Load up your car's rear seat windows with copies of Angry Birds and Peggle and you'll never have to worry about whiny cries of "are we there yet?" ever again. (You'll just have to deal with the squawking of Angry Birds and the strains of Ode to Joy every few minutes.)

Two of the "Window to the World" prototypes were on display at the "Our Future Mobility Now" exhibition by the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association last month in Brussels, Belgium. Sadly, games were not mentioned, but a sense of "play, exploration and learning" was.

The concept remains as a prototype right now, but we can probably expect more in the way of augmented reality technology from our everyday devices in the near future. That microwave that plays Bejeweled that PopCap teased us with on April Fools Day this year might not be that far off after all.

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