Well, that didn't take too long. And in way, it kind of did.

After spending an astounding eight years in development, the ambitious fan project "Streets of Rage Remake" hit the Internet to massive buzz. But despite the general positive reception, overall polish of the remake, and an advance request for legal approval, the "SorR" game from Spanish development team Bombergames is now officially defunct. Sega's forced the team to remove the project's download links from their site and forums.

According to site moderator "charco," the links will not be active 'while the issue is being resolved.'

As a result, several threads in the SorR community forums have been locked, although some fans aren't being shy about voicing their displeasure:

"I checked this site for v5 at least 200 times in the last year, and now, I see the download link is gone! What the f is SEGA doing? I red on the forum that we shouldn't count on the link to be restored? So I should forget about v5? Or I can ask somebody here for a private help? Hope it's OK :)"

"Come'on SEGA give US the download link!"

"Years ago, SEGA of America didn't even remember they owned the Streets of Rage franchise, and now they want to put a stop to an incredible fan project from releasing as freeware, which has spanned almost a decade of work?"

"This reminds me of the time Square Enix stopped some people from finishing their Chrono Trigger remake project. Laws whatever, copyrights whatever. They aren't making money off of it and it's meant for private entertainment, so why the **** is SEGA being so selfish? It's not like they are going to make a new good Streets of Rage game anytime soon. All they are good at is milking past games and their modern games suck so badly."

While things aren't looking too good for the Streets of Rage Remake project, Bombergames can at least take solace in the fact that their work hasn't gone unnoticed. While the game will surely be available through other measures, Sega's action now makes any downloading of the material illegal. Strangely enough, Bombergames claims that Sega knew of the fan project quite a while ago and didn't make any move to stop it, leading to some confusion and disappointment over the timing of this cease-and-desist.

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