This morning's Top Story is an open letter from the producer of DC Universe Online which looks forward to the future of the game despite SOE's recent layoffs.

Yesterday Wes Yanagi, producer of DC Universe Online, published an open letter to fans. In it, he discussed the immediate and long-term future of the game as well as confirming the team was "impacted" by Sony Online Entertainment's recent job cuts.

"Yes, the team was impacted and we lost some great developers and friends," he wrote. "Rest assured that we will still deliver super awesome new content and updates on a regular basis. And we appreciate your support!"

The first of this "super awesome new content" is the second major update for the game, dubbed Heads or Tales. This was pushed to the servers yesterday and should be live for all US players now.

"Unfortunately, this update took us longer to develop than we would have liked," says Yanagi. "This is a fairly substantial update. In addition to new game content, this update contains some major system upgrades, balance changes and bug fixes."

You can read the full -- and extensive -- list of patch notes right here. It looks like a wide variety of bugs have been fixed, and the interface has been tweaked somewhat. There's a new Raid in the Batcave, and confrontations against The Penguin and Two Face. Fans of the Legends PvP mode can also now play as Two Face, and there's a new range of Celtic appearance items with which to customize your hero further.

There have also been some welcome improvements to the social UI. Given that this is a massively multiplayer game, the clunky social interface of the original release version hindered effective communication somewhat. The patch notes don't mention if using a USB or Bluetooth keyboard on the PS3 version still results in the PS3's virtual keyboard popping up on screen, though -- this was a big annoyance for console players in the initial release.

Beyond Update 2, Yanagi is looking forward to Update 3, which is "well underway but doesn't have a target release date yet."

It seems DCUO is alive and well for the moment despite the impact recent job cuts have had on the team. Hopefully the game will remain healthy for as long as people are still playing.

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