Remember Too Human? The 2008 action-RPG was supposed to be a key Xbox 360 title for the fall, but a lot of conflicting feedback among gamers led to a flurry of internet arguments that became more memorable than the game itself. What you may not know is that Too Human was always intended to be a trilogy, and despite the bumpy road that preceded it, it's still a part of its developer's plans.

In comments to Joystiq and IndustryGamers, Silicon Knights president Denis Dyack reiterated that the company intends to finish what they've started, though didn't get much more specific beyond that. Considering that it took over a decade just to get one Too Human game in the can, who knows what platform another entry would end up on.

Although Too Human got a less-than-lovely response from critics and gamers, its co-op play got some appreciation, and Dyack and his company don't seem like the sorts to rest on their laurels (or lack thereof). However, an ongoing legal battle with Epic Games over an alleged incomplete Unreal Engine that hindered Too Human's development might keep things on the backburner for a while. (Interestingly, this week's comments come just over a month after the legal case moved forward to a jury.)

Silicon Knights' next game is X-Men Destiny for Activision, which isn't too far from the kind of action-RPG Too Human is, but obviously takes place in the X-Men universe, and, who knows, might lead to something new from the cyber-Nordic world of Too Human.